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Explosion-proof equipment


Gothe & Co. offers a complete range of explosion proof products for areas, where highest safety standards are applicable. The product portfolio consists of cable glands, connection boxes and junction boxes up to 36 kV for the application in many different industries, for example mining, chemical industry or off-shore. Due to the fact that safety is a key aspect in these industrial sectors, we constantly improve our products with the help of the knowledge resulting from over 90 years of experience. Furthermore, our products are certified according to latest IECEx and ATEX directives.

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Equipment for industrial applications


Our product portfolio for industrial applications contains innovative products of highest quality. Cable glands, connection- and junction boxes, high voltage cable couplers and suitable accessories ensure a reliable power connection in many areas of application. These are for example construction sites, harbors or wind energy plants. Furthermore, we focus on the safety of people and environment and on convenient handling for all our products. In order to ensure this, our focus lies on high quality “made in Germany” and constant improvement of our product portfolio.

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