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A safe connection since 1922

It was around 100 years ago, that the company father Heinrich Gothe made a huge invention. Working as a foreman of miners, he was unsatisfied with the lightning conditions due to missing electricity in the coal mines. He had the vision of a safe lightning method, which would enhance the working conditions. Therefore, he developed an explosion-proof mine luminaire. He continuously developed and added more products to complement his portfolio of high-voltage products. This was the beginning of connection technology for hazardous areas produced by Gothe & Co.

Right in the heart of the Ruhr-Area

For more than 90 years, Gothe & Co manufactures its products in Mülheim an der Ruhr, a city in the Ruhr-area. This area is one of the most important industrial areas in Germany with an important historical past in mining and other industries. Today, the Ruhr-area is in constant change- and so is Gothe & Co. Due to technical advancement, we have positioned ourselves in numerous industries in need for a reliable power connection. In the future, the megalopolis, Ruhr-area will continue to be our source of inspiration. In addition, it brings many other advantages, such as qualified workforce and outstanding infrastructure.

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Familie Gothe

Family traditions

The responsibility for the success of our company was always among the members of the Gothe family – today the responsibility lies within the third generation. Heike Gothe, the awarded entrepreneur, is managing the business and the fourth generation of the Gothe family is also working in the company.

We are proud of our traditions as an innovative and socially responsible family-business.

Social Responsibility

For more than 90 years, innovation and economic success of the company are characterized by the social responsibility. The company founder Heinrich Gothe was known for its remarkable social policy within the company, which was groundbreaking for that time.

In 2006 the “Alliance for family”, an initiative of the city, churches, business, trade unions and charities awarded us as “Family Friendly Business” – an honor which we consider as a commitment for the future. Flexible working hours and special agreement in case of unexpected incidents within the family are ways to support our most important asset, namely our employees. In addition, we engage ourselves actively in our community by supporting the local university of applied science and other programs, which allow students of all ages to get exciting insights into technical occupations and manufacturing processes.


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